Seal pointed girl. Pure beauty and getting more beautiful every day.

Summer is a strict mum, no messing about with her and we all know where we stand with this lady.

Seal colour point girl


We drove to Devon to get her. She arrived with one of her daughters, Lily.

A rare lilac tortie marking and tortie personality. She does not look for any trouble but trouble always finds her. If there is an issue, we know Nancy was there, but life will be rather dull without her.

She is the traveller, the explorer, the great escaper but she has started to appriaciate the comforts of the house.

Seal colour point girl


Seal tabby. We are so exited to have her. From Devon.

She was shy and reserved when she first arrived but how things have changed!!!!.

She is the cuddler, the attension seeker, the lap occupier.

Seal tabby girl


Seal tabby bicolour. Excellent marking and laid back personality, gets on with everyone

Likes her beauty regime, does not mind nail trimming and brushing.

Seal tabby bicolour girl