Our new kittens have arrived. Doing well and growing nicely. Will be ready mid of December. We have 4 girls and a boy. The boy is a beautiful red flame, girls are blue and seal torties. For their photos, check out our Instagram @Bluewhitekitties.                  


Our email address catsinfo@bluewhitekitties.co.uk or bmaleci@hotmail.co.uk

Phone number: 07861408934


When ready for their new adventures, our kittens leave us fully vaccinated, microchipped and insured. We do not spay they as we don't believe it is in their best interest to be neutured so early. Their first 3-4 months are already very busy, they need to learn all life skills like how to fend for themselves, how to play and interact with others, they have their vaccination done and microchip inserted, there is just not enough time for spaying.


We start our kittens on clicker training and they love the attention they are getting. It does depend on an individual but they do a few tricks.  


The starter pack they leave us with includes

  1. All pedigree documentation

  2. A bag of Purina Kitten and a bag of Royal Canin kitten, should last a couple of months

  3. A voucher for another 2 bags of Royal Canin kitten

  4. Few pouches of wet food

  5. Favourite toys to play with

  6. A blanket

  7. A clicker to carry on with training

  8. A bag of litter. We are using Cats Best Clumping. We have tried different brands but this is the one we always come back to. It lasts really long time, it is higenic and easy to scoop and keep the tray clean but it does travel so contant cleaning is required. We buy it in big bags of 40l at around £29.

The price for a kitten is £900 or a bit of reduction for two.

Occasionally we might get a retired queen to find a new home for. Those girls are special and we need to make sure they are going to the right homes for them and they are right for the homes they are going to. The process involves a few visits and it does not happen overnight.

The question I am contantly asked: Are ragdolls indoor cats only?


They are because we want them to be. They still are curious and interested in the outside world but the world is a very unsafe place. I suggest keeping a kitten for a year indoors and follow it with leash walking. It works.